Providing Everything You Need



We offer consultation services for potential buyers of off-grid trailers by being an Ambassador for the company, and for the customer. By doing this we can help walk through the process of buying a trailer direct from the manufacture and help with navigating all of the available options that you can get on the trailer. We will give you real-world instances that we have experienced with using the products on the trailers. This helps the customer in deciding what works best for them.

Off-Grid Trailer Rentals

We now offer rentals for off-grid trailers (Expedition 2.0). We provide a fully outfitted trailer with everything needed to get off the grid and explore the wilderness.  You only need to bring a pillow and sleeping bag!


CenterPoint GPS

We have also partnered with Center point GPS to offer tracking and security capability’s for our customers. What this means is we can install a small tracking unit that will in real time display the location of the vehicle the customer wants to Protect/track. Say for instance a trailer is stolen the customer can alert law enforcement of the precise location of the asset in question.


We have partnered with a campfire starter company to supply customers with fire starters that will ignite in any conditions to get a fire going when needed.

Dog Enjoying Campfire